The World of Sound


Our Mission

Our mission is to harness the Power of Sound for healing purposes, adapting the practice to groups and individuals of all ages. We especially target populations that normally don’t have the opportunity to experience this kind of therapy such as children and youth in the Public School system, the elderly and corporate employees.


Our sessions

Sound Healing is a noninvasive but impactful, relaxing and healing practice. Certified and experienced facilitators utilize the power of frequencies and vibrations through the use of chimes, singing bowls, gongs, drums, harps and more to create a chamber of sound waves. These techniques have been proven to open and expand minds, relax the body, induce a healing response that enables, clarity and new perspectives.

A Sound Session is effective on a one-on -one basis, for groups and academic programs (see:, wellness retreats, parties and more. Yoga and meditation may accompany the Sound Bath to achieve results reflecting higher impact.

The Benefits

A Hearttones Sound Bath enhances any group activity and facilitates goals achievement. It can also stand alone to provide general wellness, or to accompany workshops targeting improved personal and professional performance, yoga and meditation, team-building, creating a pleasant work environment, optimal communication, tools for stress management, and more.

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