Group Sessions

What a Group Sound Session looks like:

The session or "Sound Bath" will start off with breathing and vocal exercises that help to come into the moment. Everyone lies or sits comfortably on a mat. The facilitator may ask you to bring an unresolved issue to mind, something you are trying to clarify in your life. This is entirely private and not a requirement.

When you let the sound waves wash through you, many of your worries may have dissipated, you'll feel relaxed and things will be clearer. Ultimately, we have the answers inside of us. Sound helps us to find them.​

Some sessions may include body percussion, drumming, more vocal work, group discussion, sharing your reaction and feelings with the group, or simply bathing in the sounds.

Everyone responds differently, there is no "right or wrong" way to experience a Sound Bath. Its a gentle and powerful venue for inner peace, a space you'll cherish and want to return to over-and-over again.

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