The Sound Bath Experience


Individual Sessions

The session or "Sound Bath" will start off with breathing and vocal exercises to bring you into the moment. The facilitator may ask you to bring an unresolved issue to mind, something you are trying to clarify in your life. The facilitator will encourage you to let this go for the moment, and replace it with a positive affirmation to focus on during the session.

The advantage of an individual session is that the Practitioner can concentrate entirely on you. The tuning forks and bowls may be placed directly on your body to activate your nerve centers and gently massage your bone tissue. This gentle, vibrational massage releases blockage and allows your energy to flow freely.

The gentle, targeted practice will leave you relaxed and with a clearer mind. Ultimately, we have the answers inside of us. Sound only helps us to find them.

Group Sessions

Ideally, a group session should have no more than 15-20 participants. It’s both comforting and stimulating to experience Sound together in a group, especially when the session begins with chanting and vocal expression. The vibration of many human voices singing together creates a sound chamber unequalled by any other instrument.

The hour and a half session will include deep listening to Tibetan and Crystal bowls, a gong, chimes, tuning forks, kalimbas, bells, percussion and rattles. Some sessions may include body percussion, drumming, vocal work, group discussion, corporal expression and free-style dance.

Everyone responds differently, there is no "right or wrong" way to experience a Sound Bath. It’s a gentle and powerful venue for inner peace, a space you'll cherish and want to return to over-and-over again


The Voice

The human voice is an oval shaped muscle at the base of the throat. When we sing, it moves in waves and circles, and pops up and down. There is no other muscle in the human body that performs this way. By exercising the voice, we actually set in motion a chain reaction of energy and vibration that feeds the entire body.

In our sessions, we learn toning and humming for healing, we do exercises to gain confidence and we connect with our voice in new way. When we sing in a group, stop worrying about how we sound and let it all out, the sound is multiplied, creating a chamber of vibrations where emotions and thoughts can flow freely. This is absolutely exhilarating.


A drumming session is exhilarating and fun. This primitive form of communication stabilizes the brain hemispheres, regulates the heart-beat, calms the nerves and stimulates the immune system. The first sound an infant hears in the mother’s womb is her heartbeat. This is why we respond so quickly to rhythm. Drumming together in a group brings our heartbeat into the same frequency and creates a healing sound chamber all around us. Drums, rattles, shakers, rain sticks, maracas and anything rhythmic will ground us to the earth and awaken our natural beats.