Welcome to HeartTones Sound. Is this your first contact with sound therapy? Or are you already familiar with its marvelous benefits? 

By filling out the form below, you will have access to one of two ebooks, "Unleashing the Power of Sound" or "Sound Therapy for the Classroom".

Feel free to reach out and ask questions. We are here to start you on your sound journey from the very first moment.

Our Mission

HeartTones is dedicated to the fundamental and scientific use of Sound as a catalyst for mindfulness, contemplation and inner balance. Practicing Sound with intentionality allows us to tap into the primal force of nature's vibrations and access vital tools for increased quality of life and self-healing.


Our Public

Individuals and groups, both young and old, who wish to participate in a listening experience and learn to heal with Sound.

The Benefits

It's been said that Sound is the Medicine of the Future. Sound vibrations can tune the nervous system, cleanse the mind, stimulate our energetic force-field, diminish stress, heighten awareness, strengthen the auto-immune system, liberate the voice, promote deep listening, provide support for meditation and raise consciousness.

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