Youth Programs

"We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future."

- F.D.Roosevelt

HeartTones Sound has a soft spot for young people. Working with the government in a developing country in South America for 20 years, we designed a program for vulnerable teens from low socio-economic communities. The program focused on empowerment and resilience. During that time, we discovered many diamonds-in-the-rough; young people with dreams and ideals, trapped by poverty and the lack of opportunity. We commissioned International volunteers to help us mentor them, teach them English, and broaden their perspectives about life. And they taught us so much.

Alice Dow, our founder, relocated to NYC and visited the Public-Schools when her four granddaughters from Colombia began to attend school. She noticed that although the conditions are very different from South America, all young people pass through uncertainty and identity crises.

The Need


It's no mystery that teenagers are ranked among the most delicate age-groups when it comes to mental health. Young people from all walks of life are bombarded with high expectations, peer pressure, social media, and drugs. In NYC and all over the USA, immigrant families struggle to help their children adapt. Diversity and language barriers affect their social lives, and their future life choices put pressure on them to succeed academically before they even know what they want to become. The times we are living in have created a vortex of uncertainty accentuated by competitive academic standards without enough personalized attention. Additionally, families struggle through this challenging time in history, and parents are put under more pressure than they can handle.

A Solution

Our program, The Power of Sound, can provide youth with coping tools for self-discovery and empowerment. Sound Therapy combined with carefully designed, trauma-sensitive content conveys positive thoughts and mental images to stimulate a young, confused mind and offer clarity. Teenagers' brains are still in formation. The constant growth of new neurons impairs their capacity for good judgment. Their need for approval from their peers makes it difficult for them to establish decisive priorities.

On the other hand, they are ripe for guidance and support. Suppose we encourage self-exploration, confidence in strengths, and integrity; we can help to avoid the potential emotional and mental crises that derail so many kids before reaching their goals. By teaching young people to listen and be mindful, we are giving them invaluable tools.

These are some of the themes we focus on:

  • Release from unwanted burdens and harmony with my environment
  • The Power of my Thoughts
  • Embracing Change
  • Overcoming Fear
  • Transmuting Anger and Non-violent Communication
  • Rising Above Depression
  • Resilience, Determination and Taking Action


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